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Drink Driving - A look at the facts

Drink Driving & The Law

The Road Safety Authority’s ‘Never Ever Drink and Drive’ campaign advises us - quite directly - to never get behind the wheel if we’ve had a few pints. However, the law states that...

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Dangers of Drink Driving

Drink driving campaigns are very effective in getting the message across - that getting behind the wheel after a few drinks can be dangerous, leading to accidents, injury, and, in some cases, even...

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Drink Driving Myths Debunked

There’s a lot of rumours and false ‘facts’ being thrown around regarding drink driving, and sometimes it becomes difficult to tell the truth from fiction. Here are the top 10 drink driving myths...

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Health and Safety in the Transport & Storage Industry

Health and Safety in TransportTransport & storage has the third highest fatal accident percentage after construction & agriculture making health and safety vitally important in this line of work. With over 5000 people injured every year in offices alone employers are investing heavily in implementing good health and safety practises in their businesses.

Official figures indicate that upwards of 93,000 people are employed in this sector, most of whom are male. Health and safety is everyone's responsibility not just the employer says Jonathan Barretto of JIT Removals, a logistics company offering storage facilities and office and home removals Dublin wide.

It is important to minimise the risk of accidents by being courteous and considerate at all times and to never become complacent. Utilisation of Personal protective equipment (PPE) provided at all times is essential and participation in mandatory training helps to minimise the risk of workplace accidents. These skills that are learned should be incorporated into practise on a daily basis (Manual handling, driving etc).

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